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"On January 9, 2016, Elwyn Fraser Jr played keyboard in a praise team consisting of a drummer, guitarist and three female vocalists. We noticed during rehearsals that his talent was far greater than, I think, even he realizes. One of the guest put money on his keyboard to show how much Elwyn’s playing moved him.

Elwyn took both songs, which he did not know, and was able to pick up the melody without much effort and without sheet music. When asked two weeks before the event, if he could perform the lead, without hesitation he said yes. His rich baritone voice gave depth and heart to an already excellent piece. His input on changes we should make made the music a better fit for us.

Elwyn has such a pleasant personality. Extremely easy to work with and he aims to please. Would I work with him again? I most definitely would. My husband, who has many years of experience in the music industry as a musician and recording engineer, believes that Elwyn is going to be a very successful person in the entertainment industry. Do you want a talented, disciplined, easy going and pleasant person to work with? Elwyn Fraser Jr is your best bet.
Minister Anita Quoibia


"Elwyn has been a voice narrator for my choral ensemble, Hymnos. We perform very programatic concerts, and Elwyn's narrations of Scripture have been a central part. It is impossible for him to NOT be expressive and engaging while narrating. He has terrific stage presence and passion for performance. He also has a great singing voice, which I have also made use of. Audience members have praised him to me, and I would be eager to continue working with him."
Eric Sorum,
Hymnos Singers


"I have to say, the owner and CEO of this company operates in a spirit of integrity and excellence. He is so easy to work with. Elwyn possesses such a creative gift and truly has the heart to lead a nation. His work is by far some of the best I have seen and I highly recommend him to anyone considering to utilize the services he provides. You get much more than a finished product when it comes to Elwyn's work. You get a masterpiece. Our entire touring team was beyond satisfied when he finished our "World At War Rap Tour" website. Not only were we satisfied with his execution of creating an excellent website, but his turn around time was second to none. We gave him a list to accomplish, and BAM!!! Done. He showed such an incredible demonstration of high quality execution that we have to recommend him to the public on both a national and international level. If the world would show integrity and display the type of quality this man does, the world would no longer be in need. My name is Harmini and I approve this message and endorse this company."
Harmini Dominic Bonsignore,
Harmini Productions


"Elwyn has a fantastic eye for capturing the beauty of nature and has been a huge help in expanding the Ramsey County Parks and Recreation department’s photo collection. Elwyn is able to show the detail, grace, and beauty of the smallest elements of nature: the last fall leaf clinging to a branch, a dusting of snow on prairie grass, or a sunbathing insect. Most people pass by these scenes on a daily basis with no second glance, but Elwyn’s work makes you pause and take notice.
Even as a volunteer, Elwyn approaches his work like a true professional. He is courteous, accommodating and nothing short of a pleasure to work with. I recommend Elwyn to anyone looking for a photographer who can discover and capture all the stunning details of a scene or event."
Allison Winters,
MN Parks

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