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Time to move hearts through art.

I specialize in:
vocal performance, music composition, creative writing, voice-over, acting, and dancing.

Can art help move a mountain of hearts
to love,
to heal,
to find peace? Yes.

Since a young boy, I've found music can be a universal language to the heart, tearing down divides and uplifting souls on their journey to greater purpose in life and healthy fellowship with mankind. If that is a part of your agenda, you are in the right place... Over the years, I've been blessed to help move hearts in song as a part of Sounds of Blackness, Vocal Essence, St. Olaf Choir, MN Chorale, All-State Choirs and numerous individual collaborations across the nation.

Current Resume:
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Photo Shoot:
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Recorded Compositions

"Phoenix Aflight", original instrumental work by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

Recorded Vocal Performances

2nd Annual Christmas Jazz event, certain vocal harmonies & solos by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

JSC Holiday event, "Oh Holy Night", vocal solo by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

Celebratory Gospel event, "Worth" cover, vocal Gospel solo by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

JSC Holiday event, "Over The Rainbow", vocal solo by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

1st Annual Christmas Jazz event, vocal Jazz solo by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

Recorded Acting Performances

Church service, Everything skit, Jesus played by Elwyn A Fraser Jr:

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