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Our Cause

Everyone can make a difference in this world.

As a charitable media company,
every human interaction, commitment to service, engaging product, and charitable act occurs with confidence, humility, truth and love! We passionately care about everyone helping each other grow into a healthier more inspired tomorrow vs simply staying where we are today.

Our Mission

Energy and Artistry exists to powerfully and creatively help you
Believe in yourself.
Believe in love.
Believe in what brings your love to life.
through lasting media experiences within the fields of music, web & photography.

Our Vision

Our view of reality matures throughout our lifetime. By breathing our passions and existing in service to others, we help others and ourselves reach a more complete view of reality, in action. A reality where helping each other in even the simplest of ways is the default and the priority. A reality where love for another is sought out over gain from another. A reality where our childhood faith and dreams can be free to endure the necessity of maturity.

Our Values


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